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Course Overview:

The advanced .NET course is designed to help you develop and practice programming skills. You will learn how to build and deploy Windows applications using multiple programming languages. You will also be practicing your lessons through hands-on experience to develop the applications for windows with a .NET environment. This course aims at cultivating advanced skills and gives exposure to the learners about the .NET tools and technologies and creating a robust framework. You will also learn to enhance the web pages to be used on multiple devices. The course will give you the confidence to use advanced technologies and lets you become an expert developer.

How it Works:

Step 1: Take a course

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Step 2: Complete all modules / articles / hands-on Project

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Step 3: Earn a Certificate

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Minimum Eligibility :

  • Basic knowledge of the .NET framework is required.
  • Must have fundamentals of programming languages.
  • A PC with a fast internet connection is required.

Who is this course for :

  • Those who are interested in programming.
  • Those who want to start their career in the application or IT/ software industry.
  • Freshers and working professionals who want to get trained in .NET.

Course Comparison :

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Online Course Comparison
Online Certification
Certification of Completion
  • Course Duration: ~14 Hrs
  • 1 Month Free Trial
  • Earn Certificate of Completion
  • Taught By Industry Expert
  • Unlimited Library Access
  • Interactive Learning
Online Course Comparison
Online Certification
Certification of Completion
  • Course Duration: 8+ Hrs
  • Independently Create .NET Projects
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Simplilearn's Completion Certification
  • Lifetime Access to e-Learning Content
  • Taught by Industry Experts
  • 24x7 Learner Assistance & Support
Online Course Comparison
Online Certification
Certification of Completion
  • 30+ Hrs Instructor-led Live Sessions
  • Edureka’s .NET Professional Certificate
  • Lifetime Access to LMS
  • Practical Assignments
  • 24x7 Online Support Team
Online Course Comparison
Online Certification
Certification of Completion
  • 105+ Hrs Online Video Tutorials
  • 8 Courses, 19+ Projects
  • Educba's Certification of Completion
  • 24x7 Technical Support
  • Mobile App Access
  • Lifetime Access
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What you will learn :

  • How to build a robust .NET framework.
  • Creating highly functional multipage applications.
  • Using programming languages like HTML, CSS3, JavaScript.
  • Object-oriented programming in C#.
  • Creating database-driven web pages by practicing the SQL server database.
  • Applying ASP.NET MVC programming to web apps.
  • Usage of tools to test and debug web apps in Visual Studio.
  • Optimize the MVC web apps for responsiveness.
  • Understand and select the right technology on Microsoft web.

Skills you will Gain :

  • Client-side Technology
  • Database Application
  • C#
  • Data & Access
  • Visual Studio IDE
  • Scripting
  • Software Security
  • Automation Technologies
  • Cloud & Testing

Benefits of this course :

  • The course trains you in implementing and actually practicing the development skills for real-world projects and applications.
  • You become capable to develop, design, test, and deploy custom websites and applications.
  • You can develop web pages and apps faster by using advanced tools and technologies and increase your chances of working with leading software companies.
  • You become professional for cracking interviews with confidence and get plenty of job offers immediately after completing the course.

Average Salary :

The average salary for a .NET Developer - $5,986/year

  • Minimum Salary - $2,648/year
  • Maximum Salary - $11,257/year
Note: The salary detail is collected from Glassdoor.

Future Scope :

Advance .NET is the growing language and framework that is used to build applications and websites. The course builds your advanced skills in the area of programming, analysis, and application development and makes you able to take complex pieces of infrastructure with their extraordinary skills. The job market in the field is also growing very fast and this is why it has a promising career scope for all level developers. The top companies in the industry are hiring for .NET developers on a full-time as well as part-time basis. As you get expertise in .NET programming and system administration abilities, you attract premium job opportunities for yourself.

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FAQs on Dot NET Development Course

.NET, short for Microsoft .NET, is a versatile and powerful framework used for developing various types of applications, such as web, desktop, mobile, and more. It provides a structured environment for building and running software applications and is supported by Microsoft.
.NET is used for creating a wide range of applications, including websites, Windows applications, cloud-based services, and mobile apps. It offers tools and libraries that simplify development tasks, making it a popular choice for building robust and scalable software solutions.
Learning Dot NET Development is made easier with online courses. Start by exploring courses on platforms like PrimeCourses, where you can compare different courses, their modules, and instructors. Look for beginner-friendly courses with step-by-step guidance and practical exercises to help you grasp the fundamentals.
Yes, learning Dot NET Development can open up various job opportunities. With the skills gained from a Dot NET Development course, you can pursue roles such as a .NET Developer, Software Engineer, Web Developer, or Mobile App Developer. Salaries vary depending on experience, but many professionals in this field enjoy competitive salaries and career growth.
PrimeCourses is an ideal platform to find the best and most authentic Dot NET Development courses online. You can compare courses based on modules, duration, instructors, certifications, and offers. Look for courses with high ratings, positive reviews, and relevant content to ensure a quality learning experience.
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