‘Prime Courses’ is the online information service provider in the field of education and guide users to find suitable courses, institutions, and other related information. We understand the privacy and confidentiality of the personal information you share with us by using our site and other services on the portal. This privacy policy is to help you understand how we collect, use and store the personal data of the users such as name, e-mail address, and contact details that we collect either by their access to the website (, or e-mail communication.
This privacy policy is applied for the Prime Courses and not for third-party sites that are associated with it. Therefore, you are requested to go through the privacy policy of the site that you access through our website before using it.
The company reserves rights to update, amend, and modify any part of this document of the privacy policy at any given time without prior notice. By your continued use of the site, we believe that you read this privacy policy carefully. You are also advised to, periodically, visit this document to remain informed about the updates in policies.


The website collects personal identifiable data of the users such as cookies, IP addresses, browser history, education interest, and other details that help us understand the user behavior and customize the site content for the better experience of the users and to provide great service to them on our site.

Collection of Information

We collect and store the data such as name, e-mail address, and contact details submitted by users on our site and use it for business-related activities only after the prior permission of the users. We do not collect the data for marketing purposes but to send occasional updates of the courses that interest you, you can ‘unsubscribe’ to our emails anytime.

Usage of Information

The company collects and uses data such as location, operating system, browser, and search history to best serve you when you visit our website. In addition, we use the information provided to us by the users only for creating a better website experience and improvements in our site content. We do not use it for surveys or any marketing purposes. By using our site, you give us permission to use your data collected through our website.

Information Security

By using our site, you agree that the company takes all the necessary measures to keep user’s data secured and protected and to prevent the misuse, theft, and alteration of the data within our digital and physical space. However, we do not take full responsibility for the information you share on the internet as nothing on the internet is entirely safe. Therefore, you are advised to take hold of your personal information and keep it safe.

Contact us for further assistance
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