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Course Overview:

This advanced InDesign course comprises the extensive content to train you in various InDesign features. You will be learning about the advanced topics during the course including Character styles, text formatting, object styles, typography, use of drawing tools, and several workflow tactics and tips. You will learn the top skills to improve productivity and save loads of time by applying these techniques and tips. The course structure will help you get familiar with the advanced features of InDesign so you can easily work with them. It will enable you to master the styling techniques and come up with unique & interactive designs. If you want to learn the advanced InDesign skills, you must take up this course and make your design skills even sharper. Read on to find more details about the course below and register.

How it Works:

Step 1: Take a course

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Step 2: Complete all modules / articles / hands-on Project

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Step 3: Earn a Certificate

When you finish this course and complete the hands-on project, you'll earn a Certificate that you can share with prospective employers and your professional network.

Minimum Eligibility :

  • Basic knowledge of InDesign is required
  • Must have a computer with Adobe InDesign installed

Who is this course for :

  • Anyone who wants to learn advanced Adobe InDesign
  • Those who are looking to speed up their workflow and improve work efficiency

Course Comparison :

Below are the best online course providing portals. Hop on to these to compare course modules, certifications, features, duration, fees and other benefits and choose the one that best suits you.

Online Course Comparison
Online Certification
Certification of Completion
  • 3 Level Learning - 10 Courses
  • 10 Days Free Trial
  • Hands-on Learning with Projects
  • Expert-Led Courses
  • Certification of Completion
Online Course Comparison
Online Certification
Certification of Completion
  • Course Duration: 8 Hrs 6 Mins
  • 72 Lessons & 24 Projects
  • 7 Days Free Trial
  • Hands-on Class Project
  • Taught By: Daniel Scott
  • Certification of Completion
Online Course Comparison
Online Certification
Certification of Completion
  • Course Duration: 14 Hrs
  • 2 Sessions & 12 Modules
  • Online Training via Zoom
  • Taught By Expert Faculty
  • Certification of Completion
Online Course Comparison
Online Certification
Certification of Completion
  • Course Duration: 8 Hrs
  • 15 Lessons Online
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • 31 Exams & Assignments
  • Accredited CEUs Certification
Online Course Comparison
Online Certification
Certification of Completion
  • Course Duration: 1 Hr 22 Mins
  • 7 Modules & 32 Lessons
  • Taught By: George Dowden
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Certification of Completion
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What you will learn :

  • Application of new InDesign skills
  • Creating multiple designs, charts & infographics
  • Color themes, modes, and proofing techniques
  • Creating illustrations using drawing tools
  • Adding videos, buttons, and interactivity to your documents
  • Practice advanced font grouping and pairing
  • Creating, applying and rearrange object styles
  • Tips to enhance workflow and speed

Skills you will Gain :

  • Design
  • Page Layout
  • Typography
  • InDesign
  • Object styles
  • Color Theory
  • Graphics Design

Benefits of this course :

  • This course helps you bring out your creativity since you learn to create design unique fonts, shapes, and use attractive colors, and save lots of your time. It enables you to speed your workflow and reduce the time you take to complete a job usually.
  • You will become the master, after completing this course, in InDesign by learning the use of its features professionally. You can boost your design career and maximize efficiency by learning advanced InDesign.

Average Salary :

The average salary for an InDesign Operator - USD 4,111/year

  • Minimum Salary - USD 3,456/year
  • Maximum Salary - USD 5,273/year
Note: The information is retrieved from Glassdoor.

Future Scope :

Whether you are a designer or looking to build strong designing skills, this course will help you take your career ahead. The companies hire the most talented designers in the industry that are also well-versed with InDesign. It helps maximize workflow efficiency and increases your productivity to boost your design career or work as an InDesign Operator. It helps you apply and make the right use of these skills and save the cost of hiring an InDesign professional. You can also learn other Adobe products to collectively use it for better outcomes and career opportunities. Join this course to master advanced features and techniques of InDesign.

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FAQs on Adobe InDesign Course

Adobe InDesign is a powerful desktop publishing software used for creating layouts for print and digital media. It's widely used for designing magazines, brochures, flyers, eBooks, and other visual content that requires precise control over layout, typography, and graphics.
Completing an Adobe InDesign course can open doors to various creative career opportunities. Roles such as Graphic Designer, Layout Artist, Desktop Publisher, and Marketing Coordinator often require InDesign skills. PrimeCourses offers courses tailored to different career goals to help you succeed in your chosen field.
Enrolling in an Adobe InDesign course on PrimeCourses is simple. Visit our platform, search for Adobe InDesign, browse through the available courses, and choose the one that suits you. Click on the course to view details and click the enrollment button to get started on your learning journey.
Yes, the Online Adobe InDesign Course is suitable for both print and digital design projects. You'll learn techniques for creating materials like brochures, posters, and eBooks, making it versatile for various design needs. is the ultimate platform for comparing Adobe InDesign courses from various e-learning platforms. It allows you to explore different course offerings, compare features such as modules, duration, prices, and offers, and make informed decisions before enrolling. With Primecourses, you get all the details needed to choose the right Adobe InDesign course for your professional development.
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