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Course Overview:

Communication skills including public speaking have for a long time been something that a lot of people fear. But, in today's world, the importance of communication is undoubtedly undisputed. Words can be just the deal-breaker that you are looking for. Great communication skills not only make for a great first impression but allow for the hassle-free transmission of ideas and opinions in an organized fashion. Communication skills have proven to be extremely essential in the professional sphere and have become a prerequisite for several jobs as well. In this course, you will learn the basics of mastering communication with expert tricks and opinions to allow you to communicate smoothly and confidently without hassle.

How it Works:

Step 1: Take a course

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Step 2: Complete all modules / articles / hands-on Project

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Step 3: Earn a Certificate

When you finish this course and complete the hands-on project, you'll earn a Certificate that you can share with prospective employers and your professional network.

Minimum Eligibility :

  • No prior knowledge of any communication skills required.
  • Willingness to learn and change.
  • An open-minded nature that is accepting of new ideas.
  • Some amount of interest in bettering your communication skills.
  • Some amount of concentration towards completion of exercises.
  • Consistent dedication of required time towards completion of the course.

Who is this course for :

  • Students
  • Working professionals
  • Teachers
  • Managers
  • Project Heads
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Anyone with a basic understanding of communication looking to improve their skills.
  • Anyone seeking to master the art of communication.

Course Comparison :

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Online Course Comparison
Online Certification
Certification of Completion
  • Course Duration: Approx 10 Hrs
  • Offered By: University of Pennsylvania
  • Self-Paced Learning Option
  • Taught By: Maurice Schweitzer
  • Practice Quizzes & Assignments
  • Certification of Completion
Online Course Comparison
Online Certification
Certification of Completion
  • Course Duration: 2 Weeks
  • Offered By: University of Leeds
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Taught By: Jennifer Rosen
  • Certification of Completion
Online Course Comparison
Online Certification
Certification of Completion
  • Course Duration: 2 Hrs 28 Mins
  • 5 Lessons Online
  • 10 Days Free Trial
  • Taught By: Paul Randal
  • Certification of Completion
Online Course Comparison
Online Certification
Certification of Completion
  • Course Duration: 2 Hrs
  • 100% Online
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Full Lifetime Access
  • Certification of Completion
Online Course Comparison
Online Certification
Certification of Completion
  • Course Duration: 53 Mins
  • 7 Days Free Trial
  • 9 Lessons & 2 Projects
  • Taught by: Alex Lyon
  • Certification of Completion
Online Course Comparison
Online Certification
Certification of Completion
  • Course Duration: 7 Hrs 41 Mins
  • 9 Courses Learning Path
  • Taught By Expert Instructors
  • Exercise & Assessments
  • Certification of Completion
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What you will learn :

Communication has a lot of aspects to it, right from understanding the personality of the other person to adapting and recognizing body language ad even listening. This course runs you through the basics of it all to allow you to master your overall communication skills. In this curse, you will learn:

  • The art of understanding people and assessing their thought of the process.
  • The art of being a good listener and understanding the needs of the other person.
  • How to communicate effectively and confidently along with organizing your thought process.
  • Understand the importance of body language and using it effectively while communicating.
  • Understanding the theories of communication and its practical application.
  • Getting over your fear of communication and learning to be more vocal.
  • Understanding responses and speaking accordingly.

Skills you will Gain :

  • Speech
  • Listening
  • Understanding Body Language
  • Vocabulary building
  • Behavioural understanding

Benefits of this course :

Communication is a very essential skill to possess and is sure to come in handy at some point in life or the other. Apart from equipping you with several essential life skills, it also offers an array of personal and professional benefits. Some of the benefits of this communication course include:

  • Increased awareness: Communication helps you become more aware of yourself and others present around you. It helps you be present at the moment and adapt accordingly.
  • Boosts confidence: Mastering the art of communication allows you to freely and confidently voice out your opinions and ideas with full confidence. As you get more comfortable with your skills, your overall confidence level is drastically boosted.
  • Makes you a better leader: Communication is an essential skill required to be a good leader. Mastering this skill allows you to be a more able and competent leader to cater to the needs of your team.
  • Better job opportunities: Communication skills are extremely sought after by recruiters and make you become the ideal candidate. Hence, this skill helps boost your CV and attract better job opportunities with higher pay.
  • Become a better speaker: Working on your communication skill can overall develop all your skills leading you to be a better speaker.

Average Salary :

Communication skills are essential for almost every job set there is. These skills help you develop your potential as an individual and as a candidate and make your CV look attractive People who possess great communication skills are far more likely to receive higher-paying jobs.

Future Scope :

Communication was and has remained a very essential skill to possess. These skills help you adapt to the changing times and overcome hurdles and with the growing market atmosphere of being people-centric, there is an increased importance of communication and hence it has great scope.

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FAQs on Communication Skills Course

Communication Skills refer to the ability to convey information, thoughts, and ideas effectively to others. It involves both verbal and non-verbal communication, including speaking, listening, writing, and body language.
Communication Skills are used in various aspects of life, including professional and personal settings. They help in building strong relationships, resolving conflicts, giving effective presentations, and succeeding in job interviews. Good communication skills are vital for career growth and effective collaboration.
Learning Communication Skills is accessible and achievable. You can start by enrolling in a Communication Skills Course on These courses are designed for beginners and are easy to follow. Practice active listening, engage in conversations, and seek feedback to improve your skills gradually. is the ultimate platform for finding the best Communication Skills Courses. You can explore courses from various e-learning platforms, compare their features, instructors, certifications, and user reviews. This allows you to choose the most suitable and authentic course for your needs.
Yes, improving your Communication Skills can significantly enhance your job prospects. Effective communication is a highly valued skill in the workplace. With enhanced communication skills, you can excel in interviews, collaborate better with colleagues, and advance in your career. Many employers seek candidates with strong communication abilities, making it a valuable asset in the job market.
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